The Uninvited

By the Mad Preacher,                                                                                                    Rod Davis

Christmas without Christ is like an apple pie without apples. What’s the point?hope-for-christmas

It always seems strange to me that the whole world throws a big birthday party and most of the celebrants don’t invite the one who’s having the birthday! What’s more, they all buy birthday presents, not for the birthday boy but for each others.

Sounds strange don’t it? Yet, that’s what happens every December 25th. People all over the globe throw big Christmas parties, put up Christmas trees and spend a fortune on presents [for each other, of course] to celebrate the birthday of someone most of them don’t know and probably couldn’t care less about.

Then to add insult to the crime, evil organizations like the ACLU, try their best to get the government to band any mention of the name of Jesus Christ on His own birthday— CHRIST-mas! Many public schools will not even allow the use of any reference to Christ or God in the Christmas carols the children sing. I read of one such school that was putting on, not a Christmas program, but a “winterfest” as they chose to call it. Catch this; they made the children’s choir sing Christmas carols and “hum” through any mention of Jesus or God.

Imagine, if you will, children singing Christmas carols like this:

“Joy to the world                                                                                                            The [hum] has come                                                                                                      Let earth receive their [hum].

Or this:

[Hum] rest ye merry gentlemen                                                                                      Let nothing you dismay                                                                                     Remember [hum] our [hum]                                                                                         Was born on [hum]mas day

How about this one:

Oh holy night                                                                                                                 The stars are brightly shining                                                                                            It is the night of the dear [hum] birth!

It would be downright silly if it wasn’t so sick

How many times have you seen the phrase “Merry Xmas” on a card or sign during the Christmas season rather than “Merry Christmas”? Just another long accepted attempt at removing the LORD Jesus from His own birthday celebration.

I fear that America has gone well beyond the place where enough is a enough. I fear for her future. We’re becoming more and more like countries such as China and North Korea in regards to religion. God is not welcome in their society either.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.” (Psalm 33:12)

Let’s put Jesus back into his birthday celebration. Merry Christmas from SoaringWings Ministries where Jesus is proudly proclaimed! Oh… and happy Birthday Jesus!