I’m a third generation minister of the Gospel who has walked with the Lord since 1959. In 1975 I answered the call to the pulpit ministry. Since then I’ve been a worship leader, a pastor, a chaplain and a televangelist. I’ve shared Christ in jails, auditoriums, churches and at music festivals.

I worked in radio for nearly 35 years. You name it I did it—DJ, Operations Manager, writing and producing commercials. In addition, I have had the privilege of serving at 5 different Christian radio stations off and on since the late 70’s. Last of which was as the chaplain at J103 Radio (CCM) in Chattanooga, TN ─ http://www.j103.com.

I’m the head of SoaringWings Ministries, which includes a website, SoaringsWings Ministries and an online teaching ministries on my YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/chaplainrod825 and a blog—The Mad Preacher. All of which can be accessed through http://www.soaringwings.us.

I have written a book entitled, The Wrong Skirt, which is available where books are sold and I’m working on two more. http://www.gea-books.com/books/wrong_skirt.htm

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