New Book

This comes for my new book that I’m writing, “Attention Pastor! Are you a Shepherd or a Cowboy?”

 Starving to Death

Too often this happens in churches where people are drawn to personalities rather than to anointing. They flock to preachers who have dynamic speaking abilities and great charisma. They follow these “personalities” whether the man has a pastoral anointing or not. Then when they need pastoral care very little is available. Yet, people continue to blindly follow these personalities.

It’s much like going out to dinner but only for dessert. It’s sweet and pleases the taste buds but offers very little nourishment. In addition, if one continues eating nothing but dessert they’ll soon find themselves literally starving to death.

Spiritual Co-dependency

Another problem with having cowboys instead of shepherds is that it breeds spiritual co-dependency. Church members are not fed, nor are they taught how to feed themselves. Therefore, most remain hungry. So, they continue to come back to the table again and again for more dessert. They are not nourished. Nor are they satisfied and never will be with this inapt feast. Yet, they keep bellying up to the dessert counter week after week for another plate of sweets as they continue to slowly starve to death.

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